2-door Cayenne S concept


The Cayenne has helped Porsche very much. It enabled to push sales despite the outgoing Boxster and recessional markets which was appreciated by the German stock exchange. On the other hand, the great endorsement doesn't seem as glorious as expected when taking a look from another perspective on this concern. Despite particularly very enthusiastic press reports, the SUV wasn't and isn't a speculation object, as the Boxster was at its launch. On Internet auctions the Cayenne didn't go down with those extra charges typical for must-have-cars made by premium automakers and, test buyers negotiated pretty discounts on the sporty SUV. Okay, this is no drama and throws only a very slightly dimmed light on the matter. Porsche will, of course, bring new versions and variants of the Cayenne. The 911 line already shows the wide variety of possible ways of interpreting the make's image, and the Cayenne even offers a few extra options. It's safe to say that Porsche certainly will take all profitable chances on pushing sales as good as they can. Besides one or two additional petrol engines including an upgraded VW 6-cylinder motor, a diesel engine is going to complete the program of the Saxon-made SUV. Also in that case, a Volkswagen power unit is the most likely alternative that comes into question.

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