On-Road oriented Porsche Cayenne concept


Notably the 313hp V10 has got praising assessments by the German press which says it should be good enough for Porsche's off-roader. And the engineers at Zuffenhausen and Weissach will possibly be going on the look out for some extra ponies in the depth of this VW engine. And, the torque-laden Veedub diesel motor naturally fits perfectly in the Cayenne's engine compartment because it's already mounted on this platform - but covered by a Touareg body. Besides the engine sector, especially the SUV segment suggests new versions, also ones untypical for Porsche cars so far. Unfortunately, the sports car maker surely can't afford realising unique models which is to say it's pretty unlikely that we will see any Cayenne versions that aren't available as a Touareg too.

The decision what kind of Cayenne variant comes next is consequently one that will be made by Volkswagen's management. The most unlikely Touareg derivation is a 2-door model* though exactly that would meet Porsche's image most perfectly. At Wolfsburg, three options are currently under consideration: one a long wheel base model, two a pickup car and, three a twin cab truck. In production, the LWB version would be the cheapest one and because of this fact also the most probable car. Registered trade marks provide further information about Porsche's plans. Apart from the name 'Sportility' a nice amalgam of sports and utility also the name 'Road Runner' is listed as a property of the automaker. This sounds pretty sporty and will probably be the designation for an on-road oriented Cayenne with a lowered chassis, sports tyres plus some extra features that will turn it into a boxes-shaped sports car.

* Addendum: We obviuously were wrong in saying this, later announcements said that Porsche is going to bring a 2dr Cayenne

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