Even though there are lots of more interesting and important criteria for a car of this class and length, also the greatest luxury is expected regarding its boot. Ok, it isn't a relevant compartment for a holiday journey in this case rather than for a shopping trip. But why shouldn't a luxury car offer the same flexibility expected from an ordinary passenger car? No, there are no folding seats in the XXL! But when the seats electrically slide forward so it should be additionally possible to move the bar in between synchronously to them which increases trunk volume. And there's enough space to increase stowage capacity. Right, people who can afford such a car could also afford to let deliver everything to the front door and beyond. On the other hand the need to get things immediately shouldn't be curbed by driving just an over 6 meter salon. And, finally the real luxury is to have it all just in case - apart from outshining the all new Maybach 62. Just imaging how fucking embarrassing it would be to fail in transporting things and persons with the Maybach that an ordinary mini van would carry easily.

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VW Phaeton XXL concept, Version B - left-front view

More important than the boot capacity is the plating of a car like this because some guys dislike bigwigs in fat limos. The trouble with the XXL concept is that the wide access opening destabilises the bodywork. At the standard version it is a solvable thing whereat the weight of the plating is an intractable problem. It stresses the less stabile rear doors section immense. As a consequence the very best protection could be probably unrealisable but only that is acceptable in this class. That's why a model with an additional column and an accordingly smaller door is designed precautionary. Another solution could be to integrate the doors into the statics of the body whereas a footrest stabilises it when they are opened. This remedy may be a very heavy thing. Certainly some people will deem it decadent, other guys will love it, the more heavy the better.

Stretching a Phaeton is a simple thing. Many stretch limos are custom-made vehicles and no pre-designed constructions. But the XXL is more than only a stretched one because of its unique rear section, its noble front refinements as well as its entrance. That's what makes it standing out, that's what qualifies it so satisfy egocentric artists, to play a leading role at Academy Awards ceremonies and, at Mafia meetings and economic summits - in case of existing any differences. Another clientele for it are the eccentric boys of the US' rap scene who mainly prefer fat and fast cars. Hoping the XXL is fat enough to be worth to accommodate a few extra background singers we say that draft should be realised at all events as soon as possible.

The Phaeton XXL concept car will be one of the wallpapers that FAST-ZI-NATION.DE offers soon. For more information see ...preview!

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