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In our article on the future plans of Audi, BMW and Mercedes regarding the US market, we said they don't intend to attack Detroit's 'big two' on the light truck sector, in contrast to the Japanese. And although the model policy hasn't changed, there are rumours currently doing their round that say about contrasting intentions. Especially Volkswagen is suspected to bring out a pickup truck. And, VW officially confirms to be prepared for the case that the market wants one. Assuming Wolfsburg will launch it, this also would increase chances on seeing such a vehicle from Porsche - which could rise BMW's interest in not leaving them alone! But this model 'avalanche' is just speculation. On the other hand, also BMW does not deny! Munich's statement sounds exactly as that of Volkswagen - they easily could make it, they said. But preparation is not everything. Of course, designing a pickup that bases on the Touareg or the X5 is surely no problem! The reason why the industry hesitates to bring them from the drawing board to the road is a very European one. Here, such transporters with an open cargo bed don't go down well.


Especially on main markets like Germany, France or the UK. Being deemed as farmer's car, this type doesn't find friends - no matter of which pedigree it might be. Mainly Japanese manufacturers dare offering pickup trucks in the EU, but there is no other reaction except pure ignorance. And, who the hell wants a light truck of brands known for sporty cars as BMW or Porsche? The North Americans!? Yes! But safe as houses is that the incentive war across the Atlantic is not the kind of battle the 'Krauts' are keen on. In contrast to those creations conceived for the prestigious horsepower competition, pickup trucks not only have to reach the break-even point, but earn money. And this would presuppose either ready markets in Europe or the prospect of decent revenues in America which would include a lower Euro. If one of these factors will change, then we think we'll see cars as Volkswagen's AAC Concept or our Porsche photoshop drafts shown here. A pro-factor for the pickups also is that they would be welcome to absorb dropping sales of the German car makers [except Porsche] in the US market. Maybe it comes true shortly before long but making a forecast is difficult - really good reasons to be well-prepared!

Porsche Cayenne-based Pickup Concept Car by FAST-ZI-NATION.DE

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