Jaguar R-D6 concept - 'the right one'

We recently held forth, presenting two own concepts, about Jaguar's model policy and there's nothing we will retract. The disaster with the X-type estate is even bigger than we anticipated because the designers didn't manage giving the car a rear end worth a Jaguar. Many people said it looks like a Volvo V40 and we had the same associations. Presenting the concept car R-D6 on the Frankfurt motor show, Jaguar proves that the opposite of our cutups can be true as well. With the car, the stylists have translated Jaguar's traditional styling into a modern but believable and astonishing new shape.

Jaguar R-D6 concept - two views

Although its compact proportions are unusual for a Jaguar, it nevertheless proceeds the stylistic heritage of the British carmaker convincingly. It looks as sporty and dynamic as people expect of cars of this origin. Appearing on the road, it certainly would keep onlookers' pupils focused on it for a while, raising a feeling of desire at the same time. The concept that merges coupe and 4-door compact car, doesn't pleasantly seem just as a shrank luxury saloon as it is the case with the X-type. In view of its more extraordinary look, its diesel engine's combustion noises are a bit less shocking although they doubtlessly are, because: it is a Jag.

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