Jaguar R-D6 concept - right-rear view

On the other hand, the R-D6 concept is a necessary assimilation of the automotive carnivore, an adaptation to the requirements of an urban environment. But, the main sensation is that the car is no mutation, the evolutionary redesign process is comprehensible although Jaguar has been leaving out a few intermediate steps in fact. And the diesel motor will find acceptance in the cat's new hunting grounds, after all such an engine can produce amazing power rates, so that - also in case of a compact Jag - the offered performance is more important than the way of its generation, which makes the self combustion motor more acceptable at this place. Its unusual concept, including a more modern use of natural interior materials, is no problem too because it will surly be welcome at the targeted younger people who certainly love this extraordinary and emotive car more than any smaller versions of grandpa's conservative XJ.

Says, Jaguar doesn't need the X-type, including an estate as well as the Shooting Break concept we recently showed. The R-D6 is what the British car manufacturer needs to attract younger people without inflating their exclusivity, on the condition the compact Jag is powerful and expensive enough to be something exclusive within its category. We want it to roll out on our roads as a production model as soon as possible. After all we think it is even better than any alternative, also the one we shortly presented. With the courage born of desperation, the Britons made so many bad mistakes! Now they should dare replacing the X-series by the R-D6 without any unnecessary dilutions, we think!

Jaguar R-D6 concept - front-left view

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