We were wrong...
...though we should have known it better. At our article on OZ Racing wheels we said that the Formula 1 Ferraris are fitted with OZ rims but that's not the truth. The Ferraris roll on BBS wheels. OZ is official supplier of a lot of F1-teams but we have picked out the wrong one, sorry!

We were right... saying at our news column that Skoda plans a Combi [ station wagon ] model of the Superb. This was an insider information and, no other auto magazine has mentioned this fact, as far as we know. Now, at the beginning of this year, the Czech manufacturer decided to make it come true.

Alfa Romeo GTA, Skoda Superb Sedan, BBS wheel on F1 Ferrari, Superb front

...we think Italian
A special talent of us seems to be anticipating future plans of Italian motor manufacturers. In our report on the Alfa Romeo 156 GTA we said that the FIAT sister brand should have courage to launch a second evo series on an higher level, respective to Audi's RS line because Alfa Romeo is a make of an appropriated reputation to sell cars like that. And, indeed, recently the Italians have presented such a concept car on an Italian auto show to check its acceptance out.

That Lamborghini is going to show a Roadster basing on the Murcielago was no secret in contrast to its look. Now, the car is introduced and its windows' side profile looks similar to those of our Lambonino concept - but not so radical like it - and, the A-column is black too. Ok, this design suggests itself but it's nice that the Lamborghini designers thought the same way we did.

...apropos concepts
One amongst the most delightful moments of analysing our site statistics was when we noticed that one of our concept cars was shown on other websites. That's really pretty good, we liked that and, if you are an owner of an auto website and you think that one of our works is worth to be presented on it, don't hesitate! We don't mind as long as you add a link to us.

German car mania
The concept of our site aims at providing information about, numbers from, and the latest trends on Germany's roads. Ok, we did and do our very best to add some nice stories and decorations as our concept cars but the site is conceived to be a window into the Autobahn country from outside. Nevertheless, Germany was leader of the country chart of our site statistics in 2002, though our compatriots were the last ones we make this site for. And, there is no other nation whose access rates increase as much as those of the Germans.

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