Mercedes Benz SLK - A Perfect Roadster?

A friend of mine recently had a bad dream, not to say a nightmare. Looking forward to his ordered Mercedes SLK he dreamed the retractable hardtop of the Benz remained on its position whilst the mechanism pulled the vehicle out from under and carried the car upon its hardtop, instead of folding the roof into the Merc's boot. Shit happens! Subsequently he had a lot to do to balance the brand new roadster on his back until the alarm clock rang - and it is not to his custom to get up all too early in the morning!

Later he just didn't ask the dealer what Mercedes has precautionary done to prevent occurrences like that because he was very positive about the car he bought, especially because of the circle-enclosed trident mounted on the car's grille and the numbers on the price-tag that suggested him everything must be well done.

And indeed, Mercedes optimises cars to perfection. Even roadsters! But what the hell is a perfect roadster? Is it something as comfortable and convenient as a passenger car? I say no! To my point it is a more simple but fun-to-drive-vehicle, namely one that provides noticeable information about outside temperature, wind force and road condition. It should be a purebred Driving Machine made to race and not to cruise [ though it's no shame to use it for this ]. But primarily I understand it as an active courser than a transportation vehicle or one made to travel.

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