Mercedes Benz SL - Too Fat To Be Loved?

The current trend clearly goes into another direction. Roadsters turn more and more into cars for every day use. That's why recent generations of so called roadsters put suchlike on weight that it seems they really need a diet. A huge number of features of which I wonder what it is good for on cars like these, such as an automatic climate control, navigation system and power steering, increase weight to an enormity which lets me assume they soon will be much too fat to be loved.

Also in matters of roadsters, Mercedes tops it all. The engineers of DC are now developing a head-zone heating system thanks to which drivers presumably won't realise how the weather really is. And even the tuners dance to the same tune. Lorinser, a company that certainly doesn't have to be introduced, has lately presented a front windshield spoiler for the SL that deflects air stream and minimises possibly annoying air whirls inside the car - another great German invention to dilute the experience of roadster driving any further.

Though the problems' solution is a very simple one and, of course, one that is also electrically operated today. If you don't want to experience air stream, just press the respective button and close the roof, unless you fear the electronic overkill - such as that the car will saddle up itself upon your back. Ok, sunrays will no longer tickle your skin then but, it certainly won't take long until Mercedes offers a headliner-integrated UV lamp infinitely adjustable from sautéed to scorched, not without providing just in case an optional self-levelling browning control for a little extra charge. After all, healthy is all that matters!

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