Smart Roadster - Imperfect But Pure!

Altogether the German urge for perfection enables us to make some of the greatest, most admired and most respected cars but obviously also completely unable to leave things as original and uncompromising as they were intended once. Thank god, Smart now has a car available that provides this pure roadster feeling. It's primitive and relatively expensive and the German press found fault with many things of it. Yeah, these are good news for those who hope, as me, that it is something as imperfect but as pure as former British roadsters were! In fact, its body is more one of a Traga than one of a Roadster but, the vehicle's philosophy meets the initial intentions behind this kind of cars by far more exactly than all those fat German ones that just look as roadsters.

Don't get me wrong: I don't want to denounce Mercedes Benz, or anyone else, for inventing features such as a head-zone heating. People who can afford gadgets like that will enjoy the prerogative to drive their cars open whilst others less privileged ones don't dare to open their sun roof. But the point is, Vehiculums of that sort shouldn't be called roadsters anymore. Please name it fat luxury 2-seat convertible or a bit more aristocratic in French, cabriolet de luxe. However, suppressing air whirls and the rough forces of nature at roadster driving is finally as if opening trousers would be prohibited at a knocking shop.

Text and imperfect English: Lutz F. Valdeig

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