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It's an inviolable sanctuary, no German government could afford to invalidate it. The Germans would rather accept higher taxes than a speed limit on their autobahns.

Even though it turns a driving license into something of the kind of a firearm certificate, the likelihood to die in a car accident on Germany's autobahns is half the rate of those of the United States' freeways. That achievement is a result of high standards of the cars and their inspections as well as of the Autobahn in itself and the driver's training but also of the German pedantic and quality focused mentality. When it comes to their cars, you can't joke with the Germans: interference noises aren't accepted of which kind ever. No clattering and no roaring may annoy driver or passengers, even not by any cowls or linings. The only noises accepted are regular ones such as those of the engine or the sound system. Because, there is no tolerance at 200km/h [124mph]. Understandably! You just would be seriously worried when noticing any unidentifiable noises, seeing the landscape is overtaking you merely as a blur stripe, realising your car is gorging the grey tarmac as greedily as a monster addicted to asphalt.

These facts define the requirements that the auto makers have to meet here and these are admittedly very simple ones. The German buyers expect perfection! Perfect driving manners, perfect brake systems, perfect qualities in terms of design and fabrication! Consequently the auto market is the hardest in the world. Even German manufacturers often release new models on foreign markets first, in order to relieve them of the last deficiencies, before they dare to offer them to the German customers too.

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The auto sales figures mirror how the industry satisfies this needs. But despite of all patriotic attitudes and subjectivity, this statistic is the result of billions of miles' experiences, driven by the hardest to please buyers on the fastest public test track - the German autobahn.

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