German Auto Sales 2002 - MARKET REPORT

The Kraftfahrt Bundesamt KBA, the national federal office for motoring, has published the auto sales statistics for 2002 and, the numbers point out that there were better times once before. At a scanty general economic growth of 0.2% the sales of new cars have decreased by 2.7%. Nevertheless, Germany remains the most important auto market in Europe, and the hardest one too.

The native motor industry has recorded the second best result ever, thanks to a phenomenal successes on international markets, in spite of the global economical crisis. In Germany, the trend goes in another direction: All German makes have lost market shares. In contrast, French manufacturers could raise sales of their supposed practical but at any rate very nice vehicles.

Also the Japanese can be satisfied with this year's turnover here. Particularly Toyota was successful in recapturing the market share they had once. The absolute losers of that competition are MG Rover, Lancia and, Chevrolet but American is not completely out how as the good Jeep sales show. The new Mini has made a thunderous impact, thanks to which the BMW group's result is a positive one, despite the losses of the make BMW.

The following charts show a few categories. The Top 25 of 2002 is displayed at our contents site. At this place we will present the statistics itemized by makes in general, sports car makers, import cars and so on, in the next weeks.

charts and statistics

All charts according to German classification of cars which differs from the American or Asian one which is why we depict the graduation on a new site to make clear which kind of car belongs to which category of vehicles in Germany. It's available via contents site or by that link: click...!

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