Time goes by but some memories never die! Scenes which are safe in our heads, moments that seem to be only a few days ago although many years have passed by since we experienced those. And, some things, smells or noises make us recalling such scenes inevitably. For instance seeing the car that we drove first. Some people preserve that memories storing their first car or one of that type as a classic and as the place of their first kiss - but very probably as the place of the first time of something different.

However, we tend to mainly recall positive experiences which is why we'd like to remember the years we have left behind us as the good old times although we possibly had to stand trial and had to work much harder than today. But sometimes only details revive memory and preserving details might be less expensive than storing the whole object.


One of those people who are inspired by the beauty of details is the German artist Schmidt-Kult. On the lookout for new material from the automobile good old times he also searches for new purposes for them and merges a few of our road traffic's leftover to a completely new piece of art. By the help of screw driver, wrench, grinder and welding torch he painstakingly creates items that we can use every day and which possibly revive impressions in us at the same time. Besides a Jaguar E-Type rear that has turned into a cupboard and a standard lamp created using parts of a Citroen DS's head lamps, even supposed unnecessary waste as rust particles will turn into something useful, swimming in a glass of hydraulic oil as a paperweight.

Maybe, if you're just not satisfied seeing the creations, Schmidt-Kult's website will inspire you to make your own pieces that recall moments you like to remind. At any rate you should have seen this site. Although it has no language selection it doesn't lack words because it lets speak the pictures. That's why we save any further spells recommending this site which perhaps excites memories in you too.

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