Once they were a serious competitor to Mercedes - in the 1960's. Later, as the American bosses solely paid attention to profit, but not to product quality, Opel lost their former reputation as a manufacturer of highly reliable vehicles. Today, the GM sister brand's public image is quite the opposite and the market share has declined dramatically, as a result of that.

Opel/Vauxhall Signum - left-front view

One economic success in the race against ruin was the reduction of losses in 2002. And, the great impact of the Astra based compact van Zafira in Europe has brought new optimism back to the headquarters at Rüsselsheim. Its well accepted interior's exceptional flexibility sets an example of what is to expect of Opel cars in the future and what will characterise them. One of the forthcoming cars according to the new conception is the Signum which will celebrate debut on Geneva Motor Show in March 2003.

It's the top model of the midsize series Vectra and, Opel advertises it as the 'new business class' - a typical case of megalomania, as we think! Though it offers, thanks to a stretched wheelbase and shorter overhangs in compare to the Vectra sedan, abundant legroom at rear. But the image of the make lets it seem unlikely that the car is accepted as a business vehicle in Europe. For instance, Skoda has a car in program that even excels the S-class LWB's legroom but it doesn't go down well though the reputation of Skoda is by far better than that of Opel.

With a little luck they can persuade some open-minded people, working as artists, advertisers or in the so called New Economy, of buying a Signum instead of an Audi A4 or a Volvo V40. This would be a great success, a step into the right direction, a beneficial cure for healing the wounds inflicted by the American chiefs in Detroit who underestimated the national requirements of European markets.

At any rate, the new Signum is an interesting lifestyle oriented vehicle worth taking note of it. For detailed information about the car and its interior's versatility we link to the corresponding page at the English Opel website. click..!

Opel/Vauxhall Signum - 4 views

The German Signum site offers eight wallpapers of the car in sizes of 800x600 and 1024x768. We link directly to the wallpaper page. Select the dimension you prefer at the line below the respective image, and see the car yet before it is shown in Geneva. click..!

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