Peugeot 4002 - left-front view

With the 4002 concept car, Stefan Schulze takes up details of the Peugeot 402 of the 1930's and combines them with a modern streamline design. This met competition's rules which demanded a 'retrofuturistic' style. The vehicle's silhouette is intended to symbolise the auto maker's heraldic animal: the lion. But the original one stands upright whereas the vehicle's side profile emblematises one that lies in wait in the savannah. Mainly thanks to the two-tone paint, the old-style wheels and the splendid old-fashioned chromium elements harmonise with the futuristically shaped car body strikingly, although they basically seem to be opposites hard to combine.


Schulze's well-done, not to say fabulous, mixture of historic elements and futuristic body design lets the 4002 being none of those bland retro concepts we have seen on international motor shows so many times before. It simply stands out. Moreover, it even has that exceptionality we have had expected of the Bugatti super sports car's appearance! A design in style of this Peugeot concept would perfectly represent the values of Volkswagen's Veyron project that's intended to combine sophisticated traditional craftsmanship and state-of-the-art technology. But the former VW-designer Hartmut Warkuß didn't manage to make a car as stunning as that of Stefan Schulze's 4002. Sad thing, we say and so we suggest mandating Stefan Schulze next time.

Peugeot 4002 - rear-left view

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