HAVANNA - left-front view

The background of the Havanna is a different one. It's the first draft made for the Peugeot design contest. But after finishing it, Stefan Schulze arrived at the conclusion that its design might have some retro elements but no palpable futuristic styling. So he decided to enhance this first concept and, the success of the 4002 finally turned out that he was absolutely right in doing so. The picture of the Havanna shows that there are many interesting details but the whole car is by far not as harmonious as its successor to be presented on the IAA of this year.


Especially the Hawk and the Baraccuda look like cars in the tradition of one Luigi Colani whose spectacular vehicles' realisation international motor industry's heads have refused so far and, there are no hints that something is going to change regarding this. Probably because of Colani's polarising style that is to many people's point disproportionate, and to other ones' opinion marvellous. Stefan Schulze speaks an at least similar language in terms of shapes but when it comes to adopting this to any demanded specifications, he strikingly gets the balance right in a masterly manner.

4002 EVOLUTION - left-front view

Says, if designing cars wouldn't just be his hobby, besides his profession as a 3D and media designer, one of his creations on his computer's hard disk would certainly arrive real world's roads as a production model soon. And, if he makes winning design competitions to a habit, as he is doing it at the moment, it may be hardly preventable though.

Related link: www.firstsignal.de - S. Schulze's company site [German only]

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