Signum by Steinmetz - right-rear view

Steinmetz was shortly presenting their products for this stretched Vectra. Besides must-have items such as wheels and a lowering kit, the tuner from Aachen also offers nearly all exterior tuning articles thinkable. No matter if a front spoiler, a rear skirt, side skirts, a roof spoiler, sports mirrors, a sports grill or an aluminium filler cab is/are desired, Steinmetz has it on store. In matters of interior styling, the German Opel tuner is the right contact as well. The programme covers gearknobs, handbrake handles, foot rests and pedal sets made of aluminium. The gearknob is also available in leather and the floor may be decorated by a 4-piece set of foot mats with Steinmetz' logo in stainless steel.

Signum by Steinmetz - left-front view

When it comes to engine upgrading, the tuner confines its programme to modifications of the engine management. Consequently their offers concern diesel motors only. The extra horses' stable is an additonal control modul which produces a power plus of round 20%, whereas the 4-pipe rear silencer system, fitting to the Steinmetz rear skirt, doesn't make the Signum faster. But, the respective press release promises a throaty growl and that's, so it's correct, fine as well. Isn't it? More information about the car is provided by the homepage of the German Opel tuner, which is available in English too!

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