BMW Supersport concept - front view

The horse power war is on. High diplacements, high tech and high power rates characterise the German's attacks on each other. The Japanese manufacturers rather keep out the battlefield whilst the other European makes, mostly owned by America's big two, use a lot of money on following as good as they can, wasting it that way, presumably. So far, the competition was a battle on the sedan sector. Now the fights proceed on a field that suggests itself: super sports cars. Mercedes Benz sends the SLR, Audi the Le Mans and Volkswagen demonstrates its competenecs with the Bugatti Veyron. Ferrari's Enzo, Porsche's Carrera GT and Ford's great GT 40 should be mentioned here as well.


Only BMW seems to be inactive. Yes, high-end two door cars from Munich never went down as well as the ones by Mercedes but, BMW shouldn't stand back when Volkswagen attacks with Audi, Bugatti, Bentley and Lambo. The German designer Canay Enes from Dortmund has been creating a car conceived to be an Z8-based equivalent to the mentioned prestige projects. And that thing is great, a real sports car, worthy of BMW. Besides the exterior possesing typical BMW features, the car's conception is much closer to motor sports than any other road-going super sports car, except the high-end vehicles of the leading sports car makers Porsche and Ferrari: Carrera GT and Enzo.

BMW Supersport - right-front view

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BMW Supersport concept - rear detail

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