padded standard bucket seat and its aesthetical frame

But Canay Enes didn't focus upon making a speed record breaking car and paid very much attentions to track performance instead. The Supersport called vehicle is moreover considered as a homogolised sports coupe, ready to be used for motor sports by means of an additional racing package. And, this one is the real highlight of the concept. Besides customary modifications such as carbon bucket seats and a sports steering wheel, it has a central tunnel that doesn't contain radio and aircon actuation because it is nothing but a large intake port that leads from the kidney-shaped air inlets to the engine mounted behind the seats, passing near the passengers' ears.


Real motor sports fans certainly won't miss an audio system on the car, after all such a big duct causes stimulating induction noises that let their eardrums vibrate as pleasantly and intense as music does. Not only BMW's clientele but also moneyed sports car lovers would surely appreciate experiencing the engine's acoustic demands for oxygen and the combustion noises from behind the seats, being in between an ear-piercing bluster produced by finest high tech typical of this make. That way, its name Supersport is surely no overstatement, and that makes it a car fitting BMW's kudos. All nowaday's super car projects should be, to our point, answered by a Bimmer like that, spearheading the awesome Munich battle formation consisting of the M-line and the all new 6-series.

carbon seat shell and carbon steering wheel for the GT version

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engine airflow detail
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