headline - The German Attack

The U.S. Americans are interested in things that seem trivial to us in Europe. Whilst no one wants to know what their Premiers, Prime Ministers or Chancellors do while they are smoking cigars, it seems to be different at the southern part of North America. As a British newspaper recently wrongfully claimed that the German chancellor Gerhard Schröder would have an illegitimated love affair, the interest in Germany was extremely low as national newspapers started to spread this nonsense. On the other hand, launching the German cult comic movie Werner in the USA failed because it turned out that too much scenes, not in agreement with the American moral concept, had to be detached. Smoking, drinking and belching as well as farting may not be publicly shown. Very morally - our American buddies.

BMW SUV - 'Something like that is to come from Munich'

Regarding cars, North American conventions are less restraining. Fat and gas guzzling SUVs are all the rage and waste non-renewable resources, which is deemed to be undecent in Europe. Nevertheless, the motor industry here provides what the American market cries for. Besides BMW, Mercedes, Porsche and VW also Volvo has a model in store that is considered to satisfy this market's requirements. Although they all are more smaller vehicles of this sort, just to meet European standards too, the Germans are about changing this. Merging van and SUV, wrapping it up in car bodies looking like pretty sporty station wagons, they are going to launch their own type of crossover vehicles soon.

Whilst the Japanese make the same as the Americans do, the Germans' concept combines exterior dimension of larger American midsize SUVs and European compact vans' multi-flexible interior. Show cars such as Mercedes Benz' GST and Audi's Pikes Peak already gave foretaste on what is to come. And though BMW hasn't presented an exhibit of this kind so far, it's safe that something like that will come from Munich too. Besides the concepts of the German premium automakers which are very similar to each other, also the roles they play within the respective model ranges are nearly identical.

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