headline - The German Attack

The GST and the respective BMW V5-series are to come as vehicles, of a luxurious character and multi-purpose interior features, mainly made for on-road usage whereas the next generations of the ML and the X5 will come our way as more sporty cars. Their layouts are going to focus on dynamic driving manners, both on-road and off-road. Dividing SUVs into fun-to-drive-cars and practical vehicles, causes less compromises in design and layout and enables to meet targeted groups' needs much better than the current models do, that have to be everybody's darling today.

Mercedes Benz GST concept vehicle - 'Mercedes plans to offer the GST in two lengths'

The role-play at the Volkswagen group differs a bit from that of Wolfsburg's German competitors. The Audi in Pikes Peak style is conceived to be the more sporty one, whereas the shorter Touareg is the alternative of a more noble and luxurious character. Porsche looks, naturally, blank on that because Audi uses an extended Touareg platform which is the same as the one of the Cayenne. That way, Audi profits from Porsche's know-how and competes against the sporting SUV from Leipzig. The Touareg is certainly not in competition with the Porsche, the Audi presumably will be. The only advantage to the Cayenne that will left over then is its off-road capability which is superior to the Audi model, thanks to the Porsche's shorter wheelbase.

Mercedes plans to offer the coming ML-class as well as the GST in two lengths, means additionally as an LWB model, whereas BMW's X5 will remain available with one wheelbase only, which is also the case with the forthcoming longer V5 crossover car. That's clear, but the heads in Munich are still undecided if it should be realised on X5's or 5-series' platform. As a consequence of this, its place of production isn't fix as well. Audi presumably will manufacture the GST rival, possibly labelled as A10, at Bratislava, Slovak Republic, where the Touareg also comes from.

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