headline - The German Attack

The Germans are going to continue bringing cars out of the sort of the Lexus RX 330 and the Volvo XC90 but, will focus a little less on convenience and even more on superior driving pleasure, just as a mix of a sports car and a classic off-road vehicle. On the other hand, the forthcoming big crossover autos look sporty too, but play more the practical card. That way, they are considered to enthuse not only family and business men but also soccer moms and their human rear-seat-freight as well. Exactly this is another strategy behind the new German model policy.

Audi Pikes Peak concept car - 'Audi & Co won't launch big twin cab pickup trucks'

The automakers from Deutschland attempt to create cars which are not so terrible conventional as the American ones and those of the Japanese manufacturers that intend to copy today's US big sellers. In contrast to them, Audi & Co won't launch big twin-cab pickup trucks and king size SUVs. Just as soccer, which is currently becoming more and more popular in USA's streets, whilst the main public concern still directs toward typical native sports such as American football and baseball, the Germans want to conquest America by offering something fresh and of European character that attracts young and open minded people who are ready to leave conventions behind. After all today's soccer players are tomorrow's Joe Sixpacks. And, they never liked the type of car their parents had preferred to transport them, as the dramatic decline of the station wagon and the van segment have shown.

Consequently innovative concepts are good preconditions to win generation X's hearts and to capture North America's auto market which is still dominated by Detroit's automakers which produce 62% of the light trucks sold there. But it also were 75% in 1998. This decrease is mainly a result of those dynamic high tech SUVs with luxurious passenger car interior that not only become increasingly popular in the United States and Canada, but also were solely made by firms from Japan and Europe. The American motor industry has shown preference to ignore this attack and it has turned out that they were wrong in doing this. Now, the Germans tackle again by creating a mixture made to meet European and American requirements at the same time. One that merges two worlds into one as a new international class. Are they one step ahead? Or do they just overestimate the global hunger for new crossbreeds, especially the one for vehicles like these? Only time will show but, future is becoming exciting in any event, especially at Detroit's headquarters.

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Visual impressions of the concept cars Mercedes GST and Audi Pikes Peak provide GermanCarFans.com - in the shape of press photos. This link leads you directly to their photo page: click..!

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