Volvo - don't think it is Swedish. Yes, the company is from Sweden but the name is Latin. Translated: I am rolling. And, it rolls since 75 years, very successful! We congratulate to Volvo to all the years of success, innovation and progress and say thank you, Volvo. Thank you for making our cars better, particularly safer, for creating shapes differing to the mainstream, thank you for being what you were and what you are - a colourful spot in the automotive world, an unmistakable identity.

For sure, there are many people who hate the cornered mom-dad-kid-dog-taxis. No other make was, and is, as much reputed to be a manufacturer of square family station wagons as Volvo. But that's half the truth. The wide spread belief that Volvo drivers are just wimps and milksops is a bad prejudice for sure. Two well-known politicians, chaps you certainly wouldn't characterize as weaklings, show that the reverse is also true.

3 Volvos

Ex KGB operative and current Russian premier Vladimir Putin relies on the intelligent technology and solid constructions of the Swedish cars as well as Gulf War veteran, US Secretary of State, Collin Powell, knowing how important it is to be prepared just in case. Both Powell and Putin should have several of this road legal tanks in their garages.

In the end, the character and the reputation of the Scandinavian cars is strong enough to be cult. A Volvo is not only the right choice for people who love to do things calmly, not only the perfect car for those who like to feel well protected at car driving and not only the right option for those who like to afford to arrive a few minutes later being relaxed enough to concentrate on really important things after.

Volvo is, in all events, the right choice for people who dare to show what they want and what they like and, this is finally some more than most of the average bourgeois in ordinary German or Japanese vehicles ever will risk. Thank you Volvo for giving us safety and serenity, thank you for offering occasions to be different!


The eventful history of Volvo has many facets: unmistakable body styling, revolutionary technology in car safety and new manufacturing methods as well as many other novelties that had a decisive influence on our today's cars.

Volvo proudly presents their history at a comprehensive anniversary website of 75 pages which show achievements, inventions and models of each single year. We unhesitatingly recommend this site as an entertaining source for connoisseurs of fine European cars. Have some fun!

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