Recently we said we need sufficient traffic to make this magazine in future and we added that there will be more marketing activities than only appealing to our visitors to vote for us. One of these measures to attract more attention on the Internet is taking part in wallpaper contests. So our graphic designer was about creating three collages and we hope they are good enough to make some people curious about our magazine. Just in case one is worth decorating your desktop, you can download it at the wallpaper contest section of the Hamburg-based magazine, besides those of the competitors. This link leads you directly to this page, click..!

FAST-ZI-NATION's contributions for the wallpaper contest

The Aston Martin Vantage Shooting Break was not only shown in our magazine but also in many Internet forums, from which we take that it enjoys great popularity in general. Although the respective article already included a wallpaper of the car, our graphic designer created a more artistic one, to make even more impression. This is, of course, also the case with the other two works. The Peugeot 4002 contribution refers to the official wallpaper gallery of this car that's exclusively exhibited at fast-zi-nation.

The blue one, at the mid place, presents the Koenigsegg CC in a less frequently shown but nice perspective. Initially it was designed for our article on the Swedish high-performance super sports car, but to avoid any further time delay, we finally had to decide to publish this item without that wallpaper. Now, on the occasion of our participation in the contest, the basic draft has been revised. By the way, it presents the vehicle's most important technical data. If these few lines make you curious ultimately, we provide another link to where you can get them. Here it comes click..!

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