A VW Passat is a mid-size car according to European classification. In North America it is a subcompact car which would be a vehicle smaller than the VW Golf to us in Europe. On the other hand, the Passat is more a luxury car than a medium sized one in many Asian countries.

This example shows that it is hardly possible to find a categorisation/designation that meets the classification of all international markets. In order to make clear what we mean when we mention a category of cars, we have launched this list. Contrary to our philosophy we also refer to non-European cars to make it more understandable to our readers which come from all around the globe.

P A S S E N G E R    C A R S

Minis, Micro cars
  VW Lupo  |  Ford Ka  |  Renault Twingo  |  Smart  |

Small cars
  Peugeot 206  |  Toyota Starlet  |  VW Polo  |  Opel Corsa  |

Compact cars
  Ford Focus  |  VW Golf/Jetta  |  Toyota Corolla  |  Peugeot 307  |

Mid size, medium size cars
  Audi A4  |  Cadillac CTS  |  Nissan Primera  |  Saab 9-3  |  BMW 3-series  |

Upper mid size cars
  Mercedes E-class  |  Jaguar S-Type  |  Toyota Camry  |  Holden Commodore  |

Upper class cars
  Mercedes S-class  |  Cadillac Seville  |  Lexus 430  |  Jaguar XJ  |  Audi A8  |

Luxury cars
  Bentley Arnage  |  Maybach 57/62  |  Rolls Royce Phantom   |

C O U P E S    R O A D S T E R    A N D  S P O R T S    C A R S

Small coupes, roadsters
  Smart Coupe/Roadster  |  Peugeot 206 CC   |  Ford Street-Ka   |

Compact coupes, roadsters
  Opel Astra Coupe  |  Toyota MR2  |  Audi TT  |

Midsize coupes, roadsters
  Mercedes CLK   |  Saturn ION Coupe  |  Toyota Celica   |  Hyndai Coupe  |

Grand Torismo, luxury coupes, convertibles, roadsters
  BMW Z8   |  Mercedes SL & CL |  Jaguar XK   |  Bentley Continental   |  Ferrari 456 GT   |

High performance sports cars
  Porsch 911   |   Chevrolet Corvette |  Honda NSX   |  Ferrari 575M  |

High-end sports cars, super sports cars
  Ferrari Enzo  |  Lamborghini Murcielago  |  Porsche Carrera GT  |  Koenigsegg CC  |

V A N S    A N D    T R A N S P O R T E R S

Micro vans
  Daihatsu Move  |  Opel Agila   |  Suzuki Wagon R+   |

Mini vans
  Opel Meriva  |  Hyundai Getz  |  Daihatsu YVR  |

Compact vans
  VW Touran  |  Renault Scenic  |  Toyota Corolla Verso  |

Mid size vans
  Chrysler Voyager / Town & Country   |  Peugeot 807 |  Honda Stream  |  VW Sharan  |

Transporters, full size vans
  VW T5/Eurovan  |  Ford Econoline  |

O F F    R O A D E R    A N D    S P O R T S    U T I L I T Y    V E H I C L E

small cars in style of off-road vehicles
  Suzuki Jimny  |  Suzuki Vitara   |  Mahindra Classic |  Mitsubishi Pajero Pinin, IO, Mini  |

Small SUV
  Land Rover Freelander  |  Jeep Liberty/ Cherokee |  Toyota RAV4 |  Honda CR-V  |

Mid size SUV *
  Mercedes M-class  |  Chrysler Gand Cherokee |  Range Rover  |    Lexus RX 300  |

Off road vehicles *
  Toyota Landcruiser  |  Jeep Wrangler |  Mercedes G-class  |    Land Rover   |

American SUV * *
  Lincoln Navigator  |  Cadillac Escalade |  Chevrolet Suburban  |    Ford Excursion  |

*     No big American SUV
* *   Fat American SUV, too big to be available in Europe

Admittedly, not every car is clearly classifiable. The forthcoming BMW 6-series, as an example, is a car on the 5-series platform but its price and performance let it be more a luxury coupe than a midsize vehicle. And, the transition between the high-performance sports cars and the Grand Torismos is as seamless as those to the super sports cars. Besides that, the Bugatti Veyron 16.5 is - without fail - a class of its own which points out how difficult the classification of cars is. Finally it's nothing but an attempt to categorise the several kinds of vehicles by various more or less emphasised characteristic features. We hope that list will help though.

If you want to learn more about the cars listed here, we recommend the most comprehensive auto catalogue of the web: www.autoindex.org

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