plans plenty of cars and measures to underline its excellent reputation. We say what is to come from Ingolstadt click..!

plans a through-going facelift of the 2005 Cayenne. Front lamps, bonnet, front apron and rear lid are going to be modified. Furthermore, the front fenders gets air outlets for the braking system's cooling

is going to launch an upgrade of its V10 TDI engine. Instead of 313, it will perform 330 then, but the torque increase is more remarkable: The power plant will generate 850Nm, full 100 more than before

Alfa Romeo
considers a 2+2 seater convertible on basis of the GT, as insiders report. The Italian open air model should be manufactured by Bertone

revises its only model. The Aero 8 gets more power. In future, the BMW V8 performs 333hp. Also, the British car manufacturer will import the roadster to the USA which is why it gets ABS and ASR as standard

brings a new version of its GT. It not only gets a 10mm lower chassis but also 10 extra ponies. In addition, the Italians equip the evo GT with 19inch wheels in Trofeo-style and plenty of aerodynamics parts

schedules its new G-model for 2006. Using M-class components it will cost about 55,000Euros. Round 10,000 more than the new M-class which comes out one year earlier

cuts production down. Instead of 1000 car, merely 600 luxury limos will leave the manufacture in 2004. Officially it has technical causes, insiders say sales are beyond expectations

prepares an upgrade of the Gallardo. Its V10 will presumably perform about 600hp then. But, the revised version is scheduled for 2008, unless Ferrari forces Lambo to bring it earlier

needs money! Does Wolfsburg get hungry again and rabs for Ferrari? Is it so simple? No! But less complicated than it seems click..!

The reputed German Jaguar tuner Arden shows an unconventionally revised XKR, a vehicle made to compete with the most radical lightweight sports cars from Italy and Germany. click...!

The smaller, the more popular they are in Europe. In any event, SUVs have to be stylish here. AC Schnitzer presents how it has to look by refining the brand new BMW X3 click..!

Is the new Bentley Continental GT better than the aged Mercedes CL and will BMW's slim line M3 CSL beat the Ferrari Stradale and the Porsche GT3? Part II of our 'coupe who is who' answers it click...!

B&B Automobiltechnik makes the VW Phaeton hotter and the 5.0 litre V10 TDI engine - the worlds most powerful diesel motor - even stronger and 'torquier'. Here comes the report + a wallaper of the car click..!

Mercedes Benz announced its new AMG V8 C-class for the end of April. But the tuner Brabus already has a significantly more powerful 8-pot engine available for the midsize sedan click...!

Despite many bad problems caused by our provider change, we are glad about being able to make our wallpaper calendars for march obtainable in due time click..!

Here comes our report about the recent situation on the German car market. Evaluating last year's statistics, we show what's getting en vogue or, just out of fashion click...!

This is our collection of interesting or at least amusing - but at any event remarkable - statements regarding various topics of this magazine. click..!

Ferrari vs. Lamborghini is the first topic of our press review on European
2 door high-performance cars. Here not only comes the link to it but also more information about its next issue click...!

We said the February edition of our calendar wallpaper is safe to come. And, here it is! Plus, a multicoloured alternative to the monochrome motif. Just check it out click..!

With another insight into the virtual world, Fast-zi-nation focuses on the strengths and weaknesses of 'NFS:Underground', the latest sequel of Electronic Arts' 'Need For Speed' series click...!

Sadly, things with our 2004 calendar link list went wrong, and we were very much disappointed at it. If you think so as well, our own stuff possibly will ease your disappointment click..!

The leading company in matters of VW & Audi tuning - and racing - has already a wide variety of add-on parts available for the the all new A3 and the Golf Mk V: See them here click...!

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