Though we have done our very best to make our website reliably working in all browsers we have heard of some problems which admittedly occur rarely. Until we've solved this problems we give you some hints to avoid them.

Problem: downloading pictures of the AMI 2003 Galleries doesn't work
- As far as we know all pictures are correctly displayed at the image window.

Because of technical problems we unfortunately had to shot them using conventional technology. To ensure an appropriated quality we didn't compress them all too much so that downloading requires a little longer time possibly. Please be patient when using an Internet access of low data transfer rates.Thank you.

Problem: downloading/saving of the pictures fails
- Possibly you should wait until the complete page appears on your screen before you click to see the larger images.

Problem: quality of pictures is unsatisfying [ aliasing ]
- That fault sometimes occurs when using the Netscape Navigator. If you don't like it please use another browser, just as the Internet Explorer, for instance.

- If you save the image files to disk they also should be of its original quality.

In a case of having any further problems with viewing our website so let us know, please click...!

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