News: March, 4th
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  Contents: Mar, 2nd
  Tuning News
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- New type scissor
  doors by Kleemann

- New items by Arden
  for the Jag X-type

- Ferrari 360 Spider
  by Hamann

- A-class and a new
  wheel from Carlsson

- All new 3-series
  jazzed up by Mattig

- Porsche Cayenne
  featuring Eibach

- 996 Cabriolet and
- 750hp all-out 977
  by Gemballa

- Audi A3 Sportback
   by Rieger Tuning

- Kleemann upgrades
  the big AMGs to
  unbelievable 739hp

- Volvo V70 T5 by MR
  Sweden Motorsport

- New Audi A4 by
  Abt Sportsline

- Jaguar XJ by Arden

- Extra wide Porsche
  Cayenne by TechArt

- Mercedes CLS
  by Inden Design

BMW is extending its model range - but what is with the editions for connoisseurs from Alpina click..!

Cross Over Cars
These could be tomor-
row's trend cars for the concrete jungles click..!

Audi &
the Quattro GmbH

are contemplating lots of new evo models but what will be brought into being click..!

could be the name of Munich's most un-
compromising sports coupe click..!

wants to defend the leadership in the hot hatch segment by an R36 click..!

One more time, we provide an overview over the latest trends of the German tuning scene. Here comes our report about the last month's developments on this sector click..!

911 and M5, no need to mention a make here! Everybody knows where they come from because, both are legends. But which one is the fastest? Here come a test review click..!

That year is over. We say good bye by means of a few reviewing lines on a further, very eventful dozen of month. This is our look in the editorial rear-view mirror click..!

The latest tidings concerning Volkswagen's delayed super sports car project prompt us to bring the matter up again. This is the 3rd sequel of the Bugatti Veyron story click..!

In opposition to our promise, we don't show the first tuned Porsche 997 here. Shame on us? Yes and no! This is our very finest excuse for why we renege on our announcement click..!

Our archive page is ready now! So let's take you on a trip through our mag's recent history. Either click the link at this column's end or just read our introducing item first click..!

Do you wanna see more? Here it comes! This is the link to our archive page that provides the earlier issues of!

Amazing! This E-class has the power of a real super sports car click..!

View the luxury sedan designed by order of our mag click..!

- Best Wallpapers
- More from the show on our archive page

- Z3 Targa
- Lambonino
- Phaeton XXL
- Jaguar CXJ
- X-type Break
- AM Vantage SB
- Maybach 60 Coupe
- CLS Shooting Break

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