News: August 31st
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  New Wheel Trend!?
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- Refined Volvo C70
  from Heico Sportiv

- Über-SL from Brabus
  with 730 turbo horses

- Super cool Porsche
  Cayman from TechArt

- Range Rover Sport
  by Rinspeed

- VW Eos by JE Design
  and Abt Sportsline

- Abt update their A8
  tuning programme

- Ferrari Enzo Ferrari
  by NovitecRosso

- New Jaguar XK by
  Arden Automobilbau

- Wide Body Sedans
  by Hamann & A_R_T

- Audi A4 Cabrio by
  B&B Automobiltechnik

- Audi Q7 pepped up
  by Nothelle

- Tuning for the Bentley
  Continental by MTM

- Motor tuning & Merc
  CLS from Kleemann

Porsche mean busi-
ness with their 4-door sports car. Here come some details click..!

are going to bring out the three wheeler GX3 in the States - a hand-
crafted attempt to get hip again.

want to change the automotive world with
a new, highly versatile vehicle understructure. View more..!

is going to offer
what we suggested a couple of years ago click..!

have cancelled their Roadster project. This is our report on it from better times click..!

Besides innovative designs, some wheel makers offer yester-
day's shapes again. Are the supposed outmoded rims a new trend? We think so. Read more click..!

While many car makers want to enter the compact SUV class, Land Rover is currently preparing the 2nd generation of their offer in this segment. Have a look at it and read more click..!

Rims have one thing in common: They are round. But the following two wheels from Brabus and Jaguar seem identical
in almost all respects. See them for yourself click..!

Online car configurators are a must for car makers. Even Bugatti have one. And it provides amazing sights and insights. Also if you can't afford one, it's worth seeing click..!

What is top speed of the 730hp Brabus CLS without any limits and is Maybach tuning about business or just prestige? We asked the world's biggest tuning company's owner click..!

Rolls Royce has made a special captain's chair for the Royal Navy's flagship. We don't show the chair but some nice pic-
tures of a Phantom on deck of the aircraft carrier click..!

Do you wanna see more? Here it comes! This is the link to our > A R C H I V E < page that provides the previous issues of!

View the luxury sedan designed by order of our magazine click..!

> Test Drive: GT Street
> Fifteen Wallpapers
> Insights into the com-
   pany & more click..!

Amazing! This E-class has the power of a real super sports car click..!

- Z3 Targa
- Lambonino
- Phaeton XXL
- Jaguar CXJ
- Audi Nuvolarissimo
- X-type Break
- AM Vantage SB
- Maybach 60 Coupe
- CLS Shooting Brake

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