plans bringing their top model also as RS8 too. The racy saloon will get a Lamborghini engine or the recent Bentley V12. Both companies are not amused about these considerations

favours customers who have already ordered a Maybach - on allotment of the Mercedes SLR. Just in case you are keen on learning how to get one of these limited super sports cars

intends to bring out its first own super sports car at the end of 2004. The car will generate about 700hp which accelerates the vehicle of the German Porsche tuner to over 350kmh

engineers have reprogrammed Ferrari's gearbox' control. Now the Maserati Cambiocorsa system changes gears even quicker than the original from Maranello

has decided to expand their chassis test program on the Nürburgring Nordschleife in future. For that purpose they now put up a new test base for 2.2 Mio euro near the track

will implant the current RS6 engine also into the forthcoming model of its upper mid-size car. But to the 450 horses gets an additional support by 50 extra ponies to be able to keep up with competitors

plans a Gallardo roadster. Apart from the topless small Lambo, the Italians are going to offer one that bases on the Murcielago too. It is to come on sale in 2004

Rolls Royce
currently develops a 2 door model basing on the Phantom. The new luxury coupe from Goodwood will be more an elegant representative vehicle than a sports car, we presume

Project Zwo
upgrades the Golf R32. It is gettable with either 350hp or 515hp. The Golfs crank out a torque of 480Nm and 580Nm respectively. The faster one even runs over 300km/h

Things for free, such as the additional day in 2004, are rare in these times. Just as car related desktop calendars. We here provide links to such sources. And, by the way, all calendars are for free click..!

DaimlerChrysler is currently designing a Maybach Coupe. We now release our own draft, yet before the first official concept car rolls out of the Maybach Manufaktur in Sindelfingen, Germany click...!

We already have been announcing a comeback of our citation series. The end of the year, we think, is the right time to release a collection of a few remarkable and funny words said in the last month click..!

As we recently introduced the Signum, we already anticipated that it won't be the new 'business class', as Opel claimed. But, maybe it will become a popular tuning object. Steinmetz has everything for it. click...!

BMW's range is nearly complete and now, even a van family is planned. Sadly, a super sports car is not under consideration, though it would meet the make's image perfectly. Here is a suitable concept. click..!

At the Frankfurt motor show, Jaguar displayed a concept that was doubtlessly nothing expected of the British auto maker that has manoeuvered itself into a not so favourable position. click...!

The German BMW specialists of Kelleners Sports have created their own sporting Z4. But, the carís modifications are more through-going than its exteriorís diffident changes suggest. click..!

Just in case any motoring magazine shows how the 2005 Mercedes Benz SL is going to look, you may consider yourself being seriously bored, on the condition you now click here..!

Besides a few lines on the recent modifications of this site, we also present some more or less funny occurrences we experienced making this publication!

Saabs are said to be good autobahn cars, though there are strict speed limits in their home country. To check their autobahn suitability, we tested the 9-5 Aero in pedal-to-the-metal-mode.!

Usually Porsche cars hardly attract any attentions in Leipzig's north east district. Not so at our latest photo shooting, which was why we made other plans for this weekend.!

Porsche schemes extending their model range. We give away their future plans and say what's under consideration and how likely it is to roll out the Porsche Leipzig GmbH one day.!

With three excellent wallpapers made of material shown at fast-zi-nation, we take part in the wallpaper contest of Here come the link and all you should know about it!

Erich Bitter is currently about starting a new attempt of reviving his famous car manufactory. The new CD2 is a vehicle of a rare but nevertheless typical German character. More about this comes here!

Tuning parts for Ferraris are pretty rare. A German company now brings out a completely new kind of aftermarket item available for the vehicles from Maranello only!

Contrary to the Jag Shooting Break we recently showed, we would like to see this concept in metal on our roads soon, hoping we are not the only ones who think so.!

Momo has been taking up an idea of themselves of the 1990's and presents two new good-looking wheels. Despite the first attempt's failure, they're now trying it the same questionable way again click..!

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