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For our visitors from Austria, the Netherlands, Luxembourg and Switzerland - who possibly prefer to read it in German - we also provide this text in that language, here it comes: click..!

Do you want to become an editior at 'der Reflektor'?

Though we know many of our visitors are particularly interested in the tests of German magazines, we definitely don't want to present German tests only. But, of course they will have the biggest part of this category's reports.

If you like to write a few lines on an interesting test or report regarding European cars or light trucks in a motoring magazine of your country [ except Germany ] we will publish it so we think it is good. As a reward we will attach a link to your site or one you want to promote, besides mentioning you as the artcile's editor, of course.

Especially fascinating to us is comparing foreign tests with German ones. Means, if we find something similar to a sent-in report in a German mag, we reserve making a comparative article using the sent material. Don't worry, you also get the same acknowledgements in that case.

On the right come a few hints how an article has to be that is strikes the Reflektor's concept
When writing such an item please act in accordance to the following criteria:

- The text should contain between about 150 and 300 words

- Similarities or equalities of the cars shouldn't be emphasised all too much

- Make the decisive causes for the test's outcome clear instead

Please also pay attention to fast-zi-nation's character, just as examples:

- Don't overemphasise practical features such as trunk volume or rear leg room

- But refer to emotional attributes such as dynamic, driving manners and the way how the car its performance generates

- Write in English or, if you would prefer, in German

Especially interesting are articles on [ cars such as these ]:

- executive saloons [ E-class, A6, A8, XJ]
- luxury cars [ Rolls Royce, Maybach]
- sports cars [ Porsche 911, McLaren F1 ]
- lifestyle minis [ New Mini, Smart ]
- powerful sporty midsize vehicles [ M3, S4 ]
- dynamic SUVs [ X5, Cayenne ]
- roadsters [ MG ZF, Streetka, SLK ]
- and any other fun-to-drive cars

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