Making an automotive lifestyle magazine is a difficult issue. Several print publications of this kind had to be discontinued in the last months because of having not enough readers and too less ad revenues subsequently. Internet magazines are almost for free and depend the more on such things. But the world wide web is also what our hopes rest upon. Because it enables to reach a wider public beyond national borderlines.

In contrast to many other sites, we go to a great extend for each article. We simply don't publish press releases and write our own editorial items, in addition to creating unique images and graphic designs. This not only makes sure that you always find interesting stuff here that you can get nowhere else but also causes a little less updates which is why we can't keep up with news site's access rates.

Doubtlessly no good precondition to justify the efforts we make, let alone earning any ad revenues. Nonetheless we want to preserve our uniqueness, though we naturally have to take care for being competitive. For that, reaching a wider public is unavoidable which is why we will start several campaigns to achieve this, before we consider any changes that diminish the quality of fast-zi-nation. de.

Despite all background activities, our VOTE FOR US campaign is one of a high importance and it's nothing without our reader's support. That's why we will place our new Vote For Us logo at all coming articles. At best you vote for us every time you find something interesting here. And, just in case you know a way to give us any other kind of support, help and/or assistance, just feel free to contact us. Here comes the respective site: click..!

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